What is #ALLIES?

#ALLIES is a simple and hopefully easy to remember framework that sets out the behaviours that ALLIES can demonstrate every day.

There are six simple actions that anyone can take to make a difference and to become an ally.


Put yourself in the shoes of the ones you want to ally with and consider what support they might need “in the moment” - be it to encourage others in the room to pause and listen, or amplify or build upon what the individual has said, or to “join in” support for an idea or objective.


Listen to what others have to say, regardless of their age, gender or race. Listen to learn. Be curious and ask questions. Too often we listen to respond. Take the time to really understand someone else’s perspective.


Lift up your colleagues helping to build their confidence. It is very easy in an environment where a woman is constantly dismissed or disrespected for her to lose confidence and stop speaking up. It is also easy to criticize and find fault. Work with intention to highlight the positives, the learnings the value that someone else has contributed and work on building their confidence to continue to contribute and speak up.


When you walk into a meeting, a team, a group, consider who is not represented and work with intention to include them. Look around the room and encourage everyone to contribute and share their perspective. When someone does speak up, demonstrate that their opinion matters.


Elevate individuals by providing them opportunities to be more visible. That could be as easy as amplifying their voice and making sure they receive credit for their ideas. You might also look for new projects or opportunities for the individual to demonstrate leadership and become more visible.


Sponsorship is all about supporting an individual when they are not present. Making sure they are considered for new roles, new projects or new opportunities that they might not even be aware of. Seeking opportunities for that individual to grow and take on more leadership.

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