Maximize Impact and Influence: Amplify your voice

Maximize Impact and Influence - Part 3 Amplify your voice
Maximize Impact and Influence - Part 3 Amplify your voice

Over the last two days I’ve shared 2 parts of my philosophy for how to maximize your impact and influence.

Part 1 – Find your voice

Part 2 – Use your voice

And we conclude with part 3 – Amplify your voice, and the voices of others

As you become more comfortable sharing your voice, crank up the volume. Share your perspective with the world! Go back to those questions that helped you find your voice. What are you passionate about? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to be known for? Take your answers and use them to propel your team or influence decision makers, help create change and make a difference.

I decided a few years ago that something needed to be done to bridge the gender equity gap in the technology industry. As I said in my recent TEDx Talk, We need to bring at least 4 million more women into tech to reach gender parity at 8 million. So, with the help of other dedicated women, we started The Women in Technology Network and the Women in Cloud organization. We’re using our individual voices for a collective mission. And it is incredibly fulfilling to share my experiences and amplify the voices of others to create change.

So, how will you use your voice? If there’s something you’re passionate about, I encourage you to think big and be bold. Be courageous with your voice. You can be the spark that drives people to take action.

  • Find your voice
  • Use your voice
  • Amplify your voice

Taking these steps was a game changer for me. It can be for you too. Investing the time in finding your voice will help you maximize your influence and your impact on the world.